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Massage or punching bag!

Three weeks ago I met a friendly Brazilian girl at a pharmacy here in the city of Lucerne. She was choosing skincare products, but did not seem that she was convinced of the advice that the perfumer was trying to push her. Soon after when the perfumer left – I approached her and offered to […] Read more…

a complete dictionary about cellulite

A complete dictionary about cellulite!

I have talked with my clients for years about cellulite. Some will never wear shorts or a bathing suit because of the appearance of the dimpled skin known as cellulite. Cellulite is almost exclusively a female concern – the anatomy of a woman’s skin is different than a man’s and cellulite is primarily about estrogen. […] Read more…

Cellulite or Fat cell

Cellulite or fat? Why I should know the difference?

Is cellulite different from fat? Although some people use them interchangeably, the terms “cellulite” and “fat cell” mean different things. Under the microscope, the components of both fat and cellulite look the same, but that’s where any similarity ends. To understand why there is a difference, and what the skin treatment therapist can do to […] Read more…

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