Start the year taking care of yourself! Detox!

My first post of 2015 could not talk about something else, after all, who did not eat much cast the first stone. I resisted even at Christmas, but when New’s Eve  came … no comment! Well, I am beautician and also need beautician and a lot of physical activity to not only burn fat, but all this energy I have, mainly beginning of the year and after long vacation with hubby!

But physical activity and body esthetic treatments do not help if you keep eating like you are still celebrating Christimas. Well, while the food stays for a minute in the mouth, it remains a lifetime in the hip, as in my case. To eliminate the excesses is important reorganize all your menu after parties and detoxifying your body. If you would like to know more information about it, you can fide in this article about Detox.  Decrease the amount of simple carbohydrates, soft drinks, processed juices that have an absurd amount of sugar, rice and white bread and fried food.

I do not like diet, so I like to eat everything very simple and I do not forbid me anything, but I choose carefully what will enter into my body. Always I choose foods that nourish me and give me good energy. During the week I do not eat chocolate anymore, because I know I can resist to eat just a little piece, I’ll eat the whole bar, so I’m not testing how far I can take it. When I feel a great desire to eat sweets, I prefer fruits such as papaya that in addition to indulge me, still helps improve bowel function. Like candys, I allow me to eat red meat at the weekend and during the day. I am currently also avoiding gluten and lactose and I already feel the difference, my organism thanks me.

We have to be smart, we can not be fighting with the weight for the rest of life. I believe that if it is not making you happy, then change it. But change with freedom, to feel better, to look in the mirror and praise, to feel pleased with herself. Why eat junk food and overeating  and then get cursing? Women tend to be very demanding and cruel to themself. Imagine yourself as a small child, you give a lot of crap for a child you love very much? So why give you a lot of crap that is bad for your health?

Start 2015 with a new attitude! With a self-love attitude! To give help I got some juice detox recipes on the site of a Brazilian nutritionist: Lucilia Diniz. You will see how you fell better after eliminating excesses and toxins. Do not forget to drink plenty of water, do physical activity and sleep well. This also helps to detoxify your body. And the last tip, as I am doing, you too try eliminating inflammatory foods containing gluten, sugar and lactose!

Juice Detox with Watermelon & Ginger




3 slices of watermelon pitted

1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed tea

1 teaspoon grated ginger


Beat all ingredients in a blender

Green juice



2 oranges

3 cabbage leaves

1 ginger

1 liter of water

 How to prepare

Peel the oranges.

Cut them into pieces and remove the seeds.

Place in blender.

Add the cabbage leaves washed well and stalk.

Arescente a small piece of ginger.

Complete with a liter of water.

Beat all. Then strain and add honey.

Detox tomato juice



200ml of tomato juice prepared
25 ml lemon juice
2 drops of Tabasco pepper (to taste)
Sparkling water


Mix all ingredients and serve in glass cups with ice cubes.

Detox juice of red fruits with rosemary


200 ml coconut water
8 blackberry units
8 units Raspberry
1 tablespoon (dessert) of rosemary leaves
1 tablespoon (soup) of honey (optional)

Beat all ingredients in a blender.
Pass in a sieve and serve cold.

Detox juice with Orange & Papaya


2 oranges
½ papaya
Juice of one lemon
100 ml water
1 mint branch

Blend together all ingredients.
Pass in a sieve and serve cold.

I hope you have enjoyed it!! See you in the next post! And do not forget to tell us the results!!

with love





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