Dry your face with a towel – You’re doing it wrong

In the last post I shared some tips about washing and treating your face at the same time. But the procedure of caring your facial skin does not stop here. Knowing how to dry your skin is as important as washing it.

So, be honest – imagine the following scene and let me know if it is exactly what happened to you – or not…

“You wash your face with your favourite cleanser, with a lovely smell, follow all the correct procedure, and then reach for the towel that may or may not have been hanging on that rack for a few days”. OMG!!! Put down the towel and stop right there!

towel smileTowels are one of the most innocent-looking bacteria-harvesters. Their abrasive nature makes them the perfect home for bacteria to happily nestle in. Every time you dry your face with a towel, the bacteria collected from dead skin cells, dust, and residual grime (makeup, dirt, and oil that never fully got washed off) from the previous use is rubbed deep into the pores of your freshly cleansed skin, causing irritation and encouraging breakouts. On a more serious note, harmful bacteria like staphylococcus aureus (“staph”) can fruitfully breed in a towel, and can be transferred into the bloodstream through cuts and chaffed or broken skin. At times, staph can manifest itself in the form of folliculitis or cellulitis, two conditions that can deceitfully take on the look of acne.

“Really Sue?”

Sadly yes is it! :(

stress breakoutsIf you suffer from breakouts, black heads, folliculitis, etc and you don’t know why, despite washing your face religiously twice a day and applying correct products, perhaps that is the reason of the problem.

Take a close look at your towel and you’ll find it damp and dirty (where bacteria thrive!) – Just try.

“So, what’s a more sanitary option for drying my face?”

Instead of using a towel, use toilet paper or tissues paper. They are sanitary, soft to the touch, and disposable, which work as effective drying agents and ensure each use will be free from such harvested bacteria. I’m quite sure that you would see your breakouts slowly disappearing, and the redness on your face could subside.

It’s time to throw your towel and make the switch. As simple as it sounds, drying your face with good-old toilet paper or tissue paper could be the difference between persistent acne and consistently clear skin.

I want to read your test feedback!! I’m really curious to hear about it!!

Thanks lovely and see you soon!

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