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BioAge Skin Care Solutions, a natural Brazilian skincare line that uses ingredients culled from the Amazon rainforest, has debuted in Switzerland. With more than 150 products, BioAge offers cosmeceuticals treatment solutions and a variety homecare products.

According to company officials, the most popular treatments are Bio Dermo Repair, which promotes facial rejuvenation through the repair of mitochondrial DNA; Vinotherapy for age prevention using grapeseed products; Bio Energy for a deep hydration that incorporates proteins found in the silkworm’s silk; Bio Amazon, a treatment to help combat cellulite; Bio Dermaroma, which was developed to treat sensitive skin by strengthening the capillary walls; Bio Excellence, which improves and lightens dark circles under the eyes; and Bio Filler, which fills wrinkles from the inside out by using the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid.

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