8 essential beauty tips for looking gorgeous on holiday!

I know, I know, the very sight of a list of pre-holiday body-beautifying tips is enough to make you feel quite faint.

Just pick one – the one that bothers you most, or the one that looks easiest to you – and give it a go. It might change your life, or at least give you the encouragement to try another.

yoga holiday1. Choose an exercise that makes you feel happy.

Dancing, swimming, walking, aerobic, cycling, yoga… there are a wealthof options to make your body and mind healthy. Just choose which is the most suitable for you and after a short time you will start feeling the difference that they can make in your lifestyle. Exercise will make you more confident when you will have to pass through the bikini test.

drink water2. Be careful with dehydration.

Choose a light diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and of course, drink lots of water.

hidratando pele3. Take care of your skin.

Brushing your body can also work wonders on the appearance of your skin. Use the brush to boost circulation for radiant skin, and the nodules on the underside to massage fatty tissues to improve the appearance of cellulite. Once in a shower, start using a body scrub to get rid of dull, grey skin, so use a good exfoliator twice a week. After all, keeping skin well moisturised is the key to a glowing complexion, so get into a regular moisturising routine using a light, summery body lotion everyday to get soft, silky skin.

waxing holidays4. Tackle body hair.

There are some options for get rid of undesirable body hairs, but you have be aware that all of them make your skin sensitive to the sun, so getting your body fuzz-free should be done before you go. If you’re quick, you could fit in a few sessions of laser hair removal, the sort that promises a “permanent reduction” in the extent of your body hair, but stop treatment a few weeks before you go away, as it makes skin very sensitive to the sun. Otherwise, shaving or waxing is a less expensive option. Remember that in the summer all of sort of hair, especially body hair grows faster.

pedicure holidays5. Make your hands and feet presentable.

I advise to do a semi permanent polish, once professional hands have done the basic hard work, you can get by for weeks and weeks. One good pedicure is all it takes to get your and feet ready for flip-flops. Don’t forget to exfoliate and hydrate hands and feet too. For brittle nails, use specific oils and doing a basic massage before going bed.

hair holidays6. Hair cut and colour

Make sure your hair is looking its best by getting a good cut before you go away. Don’t make the common mistake of waiting until you come back, as dry split-ends in humidity will only make frizz worse. It is the perfect opportunity to have any damaged or split ends cut off before exposure to the sun and sea or chlorinated water. Have a glossing colour treatment, too, to protect and preserve your colour, and give it a healthy sheen. Further, prepare your hair for holiday sun, get your split ends trimmed and start using a repairing shampoo and conditioner.

lashes holidays7. Eyebrows and Eyelashes

A spot of expert eyebrow shaping is the sort of quick beauty fix that sounds utterly superfluous until you try it. The other bonus of professional shaping is that with a bit of light tweezing, you can follow what they’ve done for months. Mascara and swimming are not a happy combination. Avoid the issue entirely by having your eyelashes dyed the week before you travel and you won’t even need to think about mascara until well after you’re back. If you are very fair and find black eyelashes look bizarre on you, ask for a dark brown tint instead. If you’re not and want to ramp up the volume, go for blue-black.

sunscreen holidays8. Protection

I though twice to write about wearing sunscreen because it sounds so obvious than ever. Nowadays almost of all products come with SPF, so use plenty of them. Creams for hair, make-up, lip balm and body cream. They help to guarantee not only a good colour for summer and an essential anti-aging, but especially protect your skin against UV that cause cancer. So, you are still think about use or not them?

nice holidayNow I only have to wish you an amazing holiday and keep yourself wonderful as always!!!

With love,

Sue xxx


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