8 Beauty Tips To Prep For Cold Weather

Everyone knows that I enjoy colder weather!! I find it so glamorous and elegant, without mention that I don’t get super sweaty to the point where my makeup melts off my face, and my hair looks great all the time because there’s hardly any humidity. It’s also a good time for awesome winter-inspired dates and always gives you a reason to snuggle up to your crush.

Even though winter is fabulous, it can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. And usually, the damage is already done before you realize it. One of my biggest beauty tips is always be prepared when it arrives.

So, let’s go!! Here are some tips to be prepared and gorgeous during the winter:

Moisturize Your Lips

Once your lips get chapped, it can take a while to get them back to normal. Start regularly applying lip balm now to make sure your lips are nice and hydrated. Use a nice lipstick with moisturizer and lip balm at night to lock in the moisture.

Hydrate Your Hair

Grab a hydrating shampoo and always use conditioner, there are some special products made specially for winter time. I definitely recommend using a hydrating hair mask once a week.

Don’t Take Super Hot Showers

I know it feels amazing to take a steaming hot shower when it’s freezing outside. But this will seriously dry out your skin and undo all that work you did hydrating it! Opt for warm showers instead.

Moisturize Every Single Day

You should always be using a moisturizer on your face, but especially in the winter time your skin can get really dry! Usually we need to use a thicker face moisturizer to make sure our skin doesn’t get too dry and even develop some skin problems due to the cold or heater. In the next post I will tell about How to Care for Problem Skin in the Winter, don’t miss it.


Exfoliate your face and your body 2-3 times a week. When your skin gets dry, you need to slough off those dead skin flakes (ew!) to keep your skin nice and smooth.

Apply Lotion Right Out Of The Shower

This is something I do every day, no matter what the season. Apply your lotion right after you towel off. Your skin is still retaining some of that moisture so your lotion will do a much better job of hydrating your skin.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Just because it’s not as sunny in the winter doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. Make sure you’re still using at least SPF 15 on your face every day.

Take Care Of Your Feet

Oh boy, your feet will not be happy in the winter when you’re constantly wearing socks and boots. Keep them soft by applying a foot lotion and socks before bed. Works like a charm!

Are you doing any beauty prep for winter? Share your tips here in the comments!

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